Vinyl LP (Pink)

Slayyyter’s second full-length release, STARFUCKER, sees her delving deeper into her pop stardom with an extravagant Los Angeles starlet persona.

The 12-track album is centered around themes of fame, sex, femme fatales, and celebrity obsession in Hollywood. Slayyyter shares, “This album is meant to feel like a pop dream sequence about losing love and chasing fame.”

The electrifying production of the concept album is set to elevate her status as a rising pop trailblazer.


  1. I Love Hollywood!
  2. Miss Belladonna
  3. Dramatic
  4. My Body
  5. Memories Of You
  6. Rhinestone Heart
  7. Erotic Electronic
  8. Purrr
  9. Plastic
  10. Girl Like Me
  11. Tear Me Open
  12. Out Of Time