Skylarking (Reissue)

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Single LP reissue with all 15 songs. The first 1980s versions didn’t include Dear God and after it was a hit, Mermaid Smiled was dropped on some later versions to include Dear God. XTC's frothy, beatle-esque concept album about birth, death, and the passing of the seasons is hardly soft-headed: its melodic inventiveness and lush orchestrations supports bitterness (That's Really Super, Supergirl), displacement (The Man who Sailed Around His Soul), and agnostic tirade (Dear God) as often as it does the pleasures of sun and shower. The greatest achievement of XTC's post- Drums and Wires career, Skylarking is a must-have for the first days of spring.


  1. Summer's Cauldron 
  2. Grass 
  3. The Meeting Place
  4. That's Really Super Supergirl 
  5. Ballet For A Rainy Day 
  6. 1000 Umbrellas 
  7. Season Cycle 
  8. Earn Enough For Us 
  9. Big Day 
  10. Another Satellite 
  11. Mermaid Smiled
  12. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul 
  13. Dear God 
  14. Dying 
  15. Sacrificial Bonfire

RIYL Andy Partridge, Squeeze


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