Arrogance Is The Death Of Men

Vinyl LP

 Skinshape returns with the witheringly, prophetically titled ‘Arrogance is the Death of Men’. Written and recorded between November 2019 and July 2020, Skinshape bids to recreate something akin to the ‘old style’ of ‘Oracolo’ (2015) and ‘Life & Love’(2017). With ‘Arrogance…’, Will Dorey’s blueprint points to a simple formula, aligning a bank of fresh drum breaks recorded at the end of 2019 to whatever he had to hand, for a long-player recorded in the majority at home due to the COVID-19...


  1. Tomorrow 
  2. Sound Of Your Voice 
  3. Arrogance Is The Death Of Men
  4. The Eastern Connection 
  5. Behind The Sun 
  6. Another Day 
  7. Losing My Mind 
  8. Flight of the Erhu 
  9. Watching From The Shadows 
  10. Outro