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Describing themselves as "equal parts RnB, alternative/prog folk, hip-hop and perhaps something you can’t quite put your finger on", this genre-bending Tāmaki Makaurau powerhouse of a group are set to drop their vinyl debut at long last. You've already most likely been crushing on their sassy single Money, featuring US rapper Guilty Simpson, now their full-length album Tiger in the River is set to land mid-May on Adelaide-based label Inner Tribe Records. Mixed by Jeremy "Leonard Charles" Toy and mastered by Kneebody's Nate Wood, this local drop is quite legitimately set to be like nothing else you've heard this year. - Flying Out

SKILAA have had a busy couple of years, and it’s all about to culminate in the form of their debut Album, ‘Tiger In The River’; a tour de force of Psychedelic RnB that will have you grooving and reeling in equal measure!

Mixed by Tāmaki Makaurau’s own Jeremy Toy and mastered by New York based Nate Wood (of Kneebody fame), this long anticipated record will be released via Skilaa’s Adelaide based label Inner Tribe Records.1.


  1. I Never Knew
  2. Southern Gothic
  3. Scratch Me Out
  4. Money (Featuring Guilty Simpson)
  5. Sufficient
  6. In My Head
  7. Jenny Greenteeth
  8. Bite Like That
  9. Solos
  10. Straight Trippin'

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