Live From Faraway Stables


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On Saturday April 19 2003, Silverchair brought the Across The Night tour to their hometown. The concert was staged in the ornate and venerable Newcastle Civic Theatre within walking distance of the band’s birthplace. Surrounded by friends and family, the group finally got to perform the songs from their landmark album Diorama as well as a selection of earlier works. Tickets for this unusually intimate show had sold out in less than 10 minutes and couldn’t be bought at any price.

As with all the dates on this special tour, Silverchair staged the concert over two separate acts. The first set showcased mainly quieter and more experimental material while the second consisted mostly of the heavier rock songs on which the band had built their reputation as an incendiary live act. For over two hours that night, Silverchair created a rare and memorable musical experience live onstage. This recording is the next best thing to actually being there on the night!


  1.  Overture
  2. After All These Years
  3. World Upon Your Shoulders
  4. Tuna In The Brine 
  5. Luv Your Life
  6. Paint Pastel Princess 
  7. Petrol & Chlorine
  8. Across The Night
  9. Ana's Song 
  10. Miss You Love
  11. Steam Will Rise
  12. Overture
  13. Emotion Sickness
  14. Without You 
  15. Israel's Son
  16. Black Tangled Heart
  17. Do You Feel The Same
  18. The Greatest View
  19. The Door
  20. Freak
  21. Anthem For The Year 2000
  22. One Way Mule
  23. Asylum
  24. The Lever