Abuse Me (Reissue)

Vinyl 12" (Red)

“Abuse Me” is the second single from Silverchair’s album, Freak Show. The single peaked at number four on both the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Rock Tracks charts, making it their second biggest hit in the United States.

In Canada, “Abuse Me” even reached the number one position in the Rock/Alternative chart. Abuse Me is available as a 12” EP for the first time and features a cover version of “Undecided” (not to be confused with “Undecided” from Frogstomp), originally by the Australian band Master Apprentices, on the B-side. A remix of “Freak”, produced by Paul Mac, is also featured on the B-side.


  1. Abuse Me
  2. Undecided
  3. Freaks (Remix For Us Rejects)