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Montreal's Sheer Agony started in late 2010, when Christian Simmons and Jackson Macintosh started amassing tape-based studio equipment in their apartment. Initially looking to fuse Sell Out-era Who with The Homosexuals and The Soft Boys, the two found compatriots in Markus Lake and Greg Napier and put their vision to tape, resulting in a few songs on Bandcamp that lead immediately to a now very much out-of-print 7" with the great Canadian label Fixture.Several North American tours later, Sheer Agony have emerged with Masterpiece, their debut long player for Couple Skate. Heavy players in the sprawling, potent DIY scene of Montreal and Drones Club, which has produced too many great bands and labels to list, Sheer Agony perfectly channel the weird energy of their scene and aforementioned influences into a potent blend of neo-psych swirl and proto-punk succinctness.


1. Anthony Ivy 
2. Careers 
3. I Have a Dream 
4. Debonaires 
5. So Many Zoes 
6. I Used To Be Darker 
7. Strictly Personal 
8. Fizzical Lime 
9. Flash and the Pans 
10. Tip of the Tail 
11. Mona 
12. Literary Arts 
13. A Flight 

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