Soulstice (Reissue) (Vinyl 2LP)

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At once Soulstice strikes the listener with its mature grasp on songwriting & the breadth of their sonic palette, which encompasses their signature d&b sound, blended with a range of complimentary genres. The sound is wider, more inclusive & with a far greater instrumentation than previously, as the band move their sound to another level altogether.

Soulstice also features a much greater & more varied vocal contribution from P Digsss, who has developed into a genuine superstar. Further vocal contributions come from some of NZ's top soul vocalists, including Ladi6, KP [Sunshine Soundsystem] & Kye [Budspells]. Other featured artists include Isaac Aesili [Solaa, Opensouls] on trumpet, Warren Maxwell [Fat Freddy's Drop, Little Bushmen] on flute & Dave Wright [Solaa] on keys, while production duties were more than capably handled by Evan Short [Concord Dawn].


  1. New Dame Come
  2. In The Rain feat. Ladi6
  3. Earth
  4. Bring Change
  5. Electric Dream
  6. Equinox
  7. Southern Lights feat. KP
  8. Heat Of The Moment feat. Kye
  9. Stryka
  10. One
  11. The Ride
  12. Summer Haze
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