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Shapeshifter’s 5th studio album “Delta” was released in 2013 showcasing a refined evolution of their sound, blending elements of drum and bass, dubstep and electronica. “Delta” was recorded in Berlin, Germany and Wellington, mixed by NZ producers The Upbeats and followed by a Nationwide tour. Including lead singles such as “Monarch”, “Gravity” and “In Colour” saw the album peak at #1 on the NZ music charts and achieving the Tui Award winner for Best Electronic Album. 


  1. Monarch
  2. Gravity
  3. Taste Of Memory
  4. Giving Up The Ghost
  5. In Colour
  6. Diamond Trade
  7. Arcadia
  8. Stadia
  9. Shadow Boxer
  10. Little Flame
  11. Endless
  12. 141


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