Homo Anxietatem (Purple Lightning Vinyl LP)

Purple Lightning Vinyl LP

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Normally, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but Nevada's Shamir's gold glitters too bright to be confined to one place, or indeed one genre or gender. On Homo Anxietatem, Shamir's astounding vocal acrobatics - there have been countless comparisons to Prince and MJ over the years - are on full display, with the transition from a more polished electronic dance sound, to noisenik, to beautiful industrial nightmare to explosive, full-blown pop-rock-star seemingly complete. The final, most fabulous and frantic wave of emo has arrived, and we're here for it. - Flying Out


Shamir's art is a synthesis of the full spectrum of human emotion; sensual, furious, yearning, joyful and yet tethered together by a very distinct style (similarly to the greats such as Miss Nina Simone, Prince, and Taylor Swift)

Shamir's music is based almost entirely in a hyper-specific, fully autonomous, embodied expression of personhood.

On his latest album, Homo Anxietatem, Shamir takes the Latin translation of the title, "anxious man", and transmutes his anxiety to pop songs. The creation process serves as a balm or elixir, converting internal anxieties to an 11-track sonic playground.


1. Oversized Sweater
2. Wandering Through
3. Our Song
4. Appetizer
5. Calloused
6. Crime
7. The Beginning
8. Without You
9. Obsession
10. Words
11. The Devil Said the Blues is All I'll Know

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