Basic Instinct

Vinyl 12"

Known for their unparalleled energy when performing live or DJing, Hauke and Matthias fly the flag for sample based, soulful house music and a commitment to the art of vinyl DJing. With the never- ending search for the perfect beat at the core of what they do, it was no surprise they found a deep affinity with Rhythm Section INTL over years of playing for each other, jamming in the studio and crossing paths at festivals and airports around the world. In short, this record was an inevitable culmination of two passionate, like minded groups, a match made in Heaven and a long time coming!Despite hailing from the techno meccas of Berlin and Hamburg, Session Victim are direct descendants of the German Jazzy House masters, tracing inspiration from the likes of Jazzanova, Soulphiction & Compost Records - the likes of which have gone on to inspire a renaissance of this more soulful sound in German clubs, spearheaded by labels like Tartelet and Toy Tonics - the latter of which the duo recently released an EP with.

1. Trying to Make It Home
2. In and Out
3. Orbits of Dust
4. A.M. Continental
5. Sfc (Hommage Mix)