You Won't Believe It

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Formed in the early '50s under the watchful eye of Tuskegee, Alabama, transplant Charles Chambliss, the Sensational Saints were handpicked from a Cleveland clothing store, a pool room, and from a group of friends singing from a third story window. After years spent rotating members and issuing stray singles for assorted non-denominational imprints, the group connected with the vocally inclined Reverend Melvin Kenniebrew at the close of the '60s, making good on their "Sensational" boast. "With God in their hearts and singing on their minds," the Sensational Saints mounted their crown jewel in 1973 with "You Won't Believe It" (Try It You'll Like Us). Pressed in conservative quantities by local gospel magnate James Bullard on his King James label, the group's lone long-player perfectly encapsulates the intersection of funk and gospel as only the religious conversion of a Bill Wither's tune can do.


The Sensational Saints I Feel The Spirit
The Sensational Saints Get Some Business About You
The Sensational Saints That’s All I Need
The Sensational Saints How Great Thou Art
The Sensational Saints I’m Glad He Knows My Heart
The Sensational Saints The Fool
The Sensational Saints Don’t Let Me Fall
The Sensational Saints I Know The Lord
The Sensational Saints Don’t Take My Sunshine