Send Flowers

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"State Champion are both bar band and heckler. With their penchant for wry, quotable lyrics and sloppy classic-rock singalongs, the Louisville quartet’s spiritual forebears are Silver Jews. But where David Berman sought self-immolation in every verse, State Champion aim for something more communal. When they say Send Flowers, it could be for a funeral, an apology, a romantic gesture, or most likely, all of the above."

Pitchfork Best Rock Albums of 2018

State Champion is an alt-country quartet with members flung between Louisville and Chicago. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ryan Davis, drummer Sal Cassato, bassist Mikie Poland, and violinist Sabrina Rush formed the band more than 10 years ago while still in art school. Since then, they’ve released four LPs and collaborated with such esteemed voices as Edith Frost and Freakwater’s Catherine Irwin, as well as folk rock luminary Angel Olsen.