St / Fr / Sp

Warp Records

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St / Fr / Sp compiles two EPs Seefeel recorded for Warp prior to SuccourStarethrough and Fracture / Tied – alongside a rare Autechre remix of Spangle and the unreleased Transition Mix of StarethroughA growing fascination with ambient and dub are thoroughly explored on the Starethrough EP, the first of Seefeel’s recordings for Warp. Fracture Tied is almost entirely beat-driven with only rudimentary hints of melody. Spangle – featuring in Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series – stands out as the disc’s most upbeat track, its luscious vocal and looping guitar proving to be an early high point for IDM as well as post-rock, and its rare Autechre remix counterpart turns glimmering tones upside down, sounding more alien and menacing.


1. Starethrough
2. Air Eyes
3. Spangle
4. Lux1
5. Fracture (EP Version)
6. Tied
7. Spangle (Autechre Remix)
8. Starethrough (Transition Mix)