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This is the thirteenth album by Canadian cult wizard Sean Nicholas Savage, and the final chapter in his cassette trilogy until now composed of the two immediate classics Magnificent Fist and Yummy Coma. Aptly titled Screamo for its lurid emotional performance and meandering yet possessive poetry.On Screamo, Savage explores teenage angst, naivity, drama and thrill. Nostalgic, like a summer film that makes you feel for a decade you never lived through and yet understand to your soul, Screamo is packed with wonder, hope and roller rink ballads.In 2018, Savage's singing is youthful and brave. Melodically leaning more twards melancholy than on the previous two cassettes, the vocal harmonies on Screamo are rich throughout, delicate and larger in the mix than ever before.Across the spectrum of a saga of avant garde pop music, Savage is renowned for his bitter sweet ballads, naked and raw, a fruit of which Screamo almost exclusively bares, and at that their most nude, most humiliated, most adrift.This summer, just as those long hot nights assume a steady rotation,so does Screamo out thru Arbutus Records, June 15th 2018.


Side A
1. Screamo
2. Abracadabra
3. Splash
4. Lately In My Dreams
5. Meaning Of Lately
6. One Sweet Thing

Side B
7. Thru You
8. Dreamo
9. Abandoned
10. Moonlight Lambada
11. Metro Phenomenon
12. Midnight Beach Boogie