Bermuda Waterfall

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Bermuda Waterfall = invisible action, unconscious fertilization, the subconscious master plan continuum. Much of the words to Bermuda (which I feel are the center piece) were written whilst traveling between one place I loved and another place/people I loved, and trying to describe my most potent dreams related to my most potent life experiences. There was a feeling of disappointment in communication with the people that I'm calling out to connect with through my performances and travels in the last year, a feeling of loneliness. Full of yin and yang, and just sitting back and taking a look at my life, something I'm happy with, and came naturally in the words of which I intended for the first time nothing. I'll have to wait a few years before I understand exactly what's going on in the record, in this time in my life, and I'm alright with that, cos i'm into mystery. - Sean Nicholas Savage


1 Boogie Nights
2 Naturally
3 The Rat
4 Heartless
5 Empire
6 Hangin On
7 Bermuda Waterfall
8 Darkness
9 Hands Dance
10 Please Set Me Free
11 Vampire
12 Some Things Never Die