Les Blues!

Scumbag College


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Scumbag College is a band of ex-teenage misfits, who play a mish-mash of punk-tinged garage rock in Auckland, New Zealand. They consist of Glenn, a worryingly tall guitarist, who has the ability to play mouth-harp at the same time, just to show off. Ant, a strange, barely civilised human shape, who sings and flails around with sticks- best to place a protective drumkit around him for your safety, and Matt - a mutant who can fire lasers out of his eyeballs, but will get sued by Disney if he actually does so, plays bass guitar to liquefy your lungs.

The chaps in Scumbag College devote a large proportion of their time to writing new songs, ignorant of the fact that the best songs are already written, thus coming up with innovative new-old songs. Their 1st album is available on vinyl, wax cylinder and aldus-lamp.