Radio Therapy (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

Born from a London-Auckland connection and friendship that’s lasted more than 25 years, we are delighted to welcome the long-awaited debut album from Sci-Clone.

Consisting of 2 members - Jason Cambridge (aka A-Sides), who is very much the drum and bass guy, and Nathan Haines, who has a long history of being involved in jazz music, the pair have concocted the perfect fusion album.

Their past Metalheadz releases, 3 of them in total, all came out between 1997-99 and stood out in the growing back catalogue for their ability to merge 2 authentic styles. Jason provided the beats and bass and Nathan provided the melodic and harmonic content, an approach they’ve thoroughly refined for the release of their full length album in 2023.

Titled Radio Therapy, the album comes in 2 parts consisting of 17 tracks in total. The first part is completely original and came together over the last decade via multiple extended trips to New Zealand and long studio hours. Made up of Jason’s production knowledge and skill as well as Nathan’s ingenuity and flair, the duo possess distinctive skill sets whilst admirably sharing all responsibilities equally. It’s a unique method of working bringing out the best in both of them, creating some exquisitely classy music in the process.

The second part is a celebration of the aforementioned 90s releases, now precisely remastered to assemble a memorable package.

Jason and Nathan were always set on releasing this album through Metalheadz and we couldn’t be happier to see it materialise as strongly as it has. This is their drum and bass rendition.


1. 1980 One
2. Upper Harbour Highway
3. The Girl In Blue
4. Boss
5. Point Of Departure
6. Whole Half
7. Radio Therapy
8. Mariano's Dream
9. Time For Change
10. Te Awa (The River)