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Blank Face - Flying Out


Blank Face


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On his past three albums, Schoolboy Q has continued to sharpen his narrative skills, becoming increasingly more adept at showing us every angle of his conscious without muddling the picture. Blank Face functions as a retort to the belief that certain artists need psychoactive substances for both inspiration and subject matter, because although Habits & Contradictions and Oxymoron dealt with addition in vital, startling ways, this album proves that Q's no one-trick-pony.

We've always known he was equally gifted at rapping about both selling and taking drugs, but it turns out that when he stops doing both habitually, more interesting subjects and ideas flood into the vacant space. What we're left with also disproves Danny Brown's Dope Song theory that tales of drug slanging and gangbanging get less potent with age. With a clear mind and a few years' distance, Q is able to view his past with newfound context, relating it to his current day-to-day and noticing intricacies that he may not have in the moment. Q applies this methodical approach to every subject he raps about, and that's his genius.

 - Hot New Hip Hop

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