The Dungeons Are Calling (Reissue)

Vinyl EP

The Dungeons Are Calling is a six track EP. The tracks were recorded during the studio session for their debut album "Sirens" at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida, with producer Danny Johnson. 

According to frontman Jon Oliva, "Sirens" and the long EP "The Dungeons Are Calling" were recorded and mixed in one day. The two albums were supposed to make up Savatage's debut together, but because vinyl records limited the total playing time, they were split. "The Dungeons Are Calling" was therefore released in 1984, a year later than "Sirens". 

The tracks from the EP, however, were re-recorded tracks from an older untitled demo that predated the album. They are metaphorically devoted to describing the effects of drugs on the human mind. 

For the vinyl reissue of "The Dungeons Are Calling", the songs were remastered and provided with extensive artwork and extended liner notes.


  1.  The Dungeons Are Calling
  2. By The Grace Of The Witch
  3. Visions
  4. Midas Knight
  5. City Beneath The Surface
  6. The Whip
  7. The Dungeons Are Calling (Outtake)