Messages to God (Limited Translucent Orange Vinyl LP)

Limited Translucent Orange Vinyl LP

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*** Australasia exclusive translucent orange vinyl limited to 200 copies ***

Messages to God is the eighth solo studio record from Sarah Mary Chadwick. Messages to God is perhaps a more universal record in terms of its content than 2021’s Me and Ennui Are Friends, Baby, yet it is still unquestionably intimate. Like all of Chadwick’s music, the album is centered around her completely singular approach to songwriting and storytelling, delivering one of Chadwick’s most dynamic records to date.

New Zealand born, Melbourne-based Sarah Mary Chadwick is a gifted and singular songwriter, uniquely attuned to the minutiae of human emotion, not unlike Phil Eleverum’s work as Mount Eerie and Daniel Johnston’s adventures on tape. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Chadwick’s songs are unsparing, brutal, and absolutely lovely. Eight records into her solo career, following the recent success of 2019’s The Queen Who Stole The Sky, 2020’s Please Daddy, and 2021’s Me and Ennui Are Friends, Baby, comes Messages to God, her first ever record made alongside award winning producer, Tony Epsie (oracle to The Avalanches)


1. Don’t Tell Me I'm a Good Friend 
2. I Felt Things In New Zealand
3. Angry and Violent 
4. Drinkin’ on a Tuesday
5. Shitty Town 
6. Sometimes I Just Wanna Feel Bad 
7. Someone Else’s Baby 
8. Only Bad Memories Last 
9. C’mon Stud 
10. Looked Just Like Jesus 

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