Two Sisters


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Two Sisters is the latest release on Sarah Davachi’s Late Music imprint with a collection of nine extended compositions for chamber ensemble and solo pipe organ. The expanded instrumentation on this album includes carillon (a keyboard instrument comprised of very large cast-iron bells), choir, string quartet, low woodwinds, and trombone quartet, alongside sine tones and electronic drones. Among the pipe organs featured on the album is an extremely rare Italian tracker organ from 1742, housed now in the Southwest desert region of the United States. Davachi is accompanied in these recordings by a formidable group of musicians and interpreters, including Johnny Chang, Judith Hamann, Rebecca Lane, Andrew McIntosh, Mattie Barbier, Tiffany Ng, Jessika Kenney, Dorothy Berry, and the ensemble Apartment House. The carillon that sounds on the piece ‘Hall of Mirrors’ is the third largest in the world, with its heaviest bell weighing approximately twelve Imperial tons.

  1. Hall of Mirrors
  2. Alas, Departing
  3. Vanity of Ages
  4. Icon Studies I
  5. Harmonies in Bronze
  6. Harmonies in Green
  7. Icon Studies II
  8. En Bas Tu Vois
  9. O World And The Clear Song

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