All My Circles Run

Vinyl LP (Gold Vinyl)


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Ambient composer Sarah Davachi departs from her usual mix of instruments and electronics on an album that (mostly) focuses on the sound of single instruments and acoustic elements.

The Canadian composer has always been one for patience, allowing for her vast drone compositions – as refreshingly simple as they are painstakingly detailed – to ebb and flow seemingly of their own accord.

All My Circles Run is an achingly beautiful work, and perhaps the first to feel the full force of Davachi’s unique ethos.

Like Brian Eno at his solo best, it's the sort of ambience that doesn't flood, that hovers precariously somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious, barely-there and indisputably present.
-  7.3 Pitchfork

  1. For Strings
  2. For Voice
  3. Chanter
  4. For Organ
  5. For Piano