bb u ok?


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San Holo is widely recognised as an innovator of electronic music. The artist and producer lives in his own space, crafting a world of beauty and sentiment between the build and drop bombast of post-EDM and the intimate musings of ambient post-rock.

bb u ok? is San Holo’s first studio release since his acclaimed collaboration with Broods at the start of 2020. It see’s San Holo carve out his own trailblazing lane, crossing over into the indie world by mixing more analog equipment and instruments into his genre-bending sound and collaborations from rock band American Football and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer to Bipolar SunshineChet Porter and The Nicholas.

bb u ok? – a highly personal and emotive record which spans an impressive 20 tracks – is San Holo’s most accomplished work to date.

A welcome addition to the Counter Records roster, sitting comfortably alongside ODESZA, with more new music set for 2021.


  1. i am thinking of you
  2. IT HURTS!
  3. new one (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)
  4. bb u ok?
  5. black and white
  6. i just wanna fucking cry (ft. The Nicholas)
  7. heal (%)
  8. lonely in LA
  9. the great clown Pagliacci
  10. i get lonely around people, too
  11. thoughts and chemicals (ft. American Football)
  12. MY FAULT
  13. make this moment last
  14. find your way (ft. Bipolar Sunshine)
  15. do you see me?
  17. ewing street
  18. wheels up (ft. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer)
  19. you’ve changed, i’ve changed (ft. Chet Porter)
  20. one more day (ft. Mija & Mr. Carmack)


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