Lahai (Vinyl LP, Black)

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This South London music maker is nothing if not in demand, having already worked with the likes Kendrick Lamar, Solange, Frank Ocean, and countless more. Now, on new album Lahai, Sampha keeps the collaborative spirit alive, bringing an eclectic array of artists including Yaeji, Ibeyi, and Yussef Dayes, as well as members of Kokoroko, Ibeyi, black midi, and more. Leaping effortlessly from jazz to soul, hip hop to jungle, and throwing in West African sounds to the mix, Lahai is a must-hear new work from this standalone talent. - Flying Out

Taken from his paternal grandfather’s name, which is also Sampha’s middle name, Lahai revels in the awe and magic of our existence, synthesising the exquisite chaos that one experiences confronting the cycle of life and the beyondness.

Spanning 14-tracks, with contributions from some of Sampha’s closest friends, peers and collaborators including: Yaeji, Léa Sen, Sheila Maurice Grey (Kokoroko), Ibeyi, Morgan Simpson (Black Midi), Yussef Dayes, Laura Groves and Kwake Bass, Lahai, in contrast to Process, is a communal affair seeing Sampha explore the many ways in which we as humans connect to each other, and to something bigger than ourselves. 

Not unlike its maker, Lahai defies clear categorisation. Spanning jazz, soul, rap, dance, jungle and west African music, Lahai sees Sampha elevating his production and vocal ambition to great new heights. A notable singer, songwriter and producer, it’s no wonder that artists like Kendrick Lamar, Stormzy, Travis Scott and previously, Drake, Solange, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys have all tapped the artist for his inimitable voice plus songwriting and production contributions to their music. 

If Process, Sampha’s 2017 Mercury-Prize-winning debut album, was an artist figuring out his own place in the world, engulfed in the shadows of grief and loss, Lahai is an exercise in the radical acceptance and joy in the human condition, and the beauty in the journey itself. Welcome to Sampha’s next musical chapter: Lahai.


1. Stereo Colour Cloud (shaman’s dream)
2. Spirit 2.0
3. Dancing Circles
4. Suspended
5. Satellite Business
6. Jonathan L. Seagull
7. Inclination Compass (Tenderness)
8. Only
9. Time Piece
10. Can’t Go Back
11. Evidence
12. Wave Therapy
13. What If You Hypnotise Me?
14. Rose Tint

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