Birds and the Bee9

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Big Dada released her 2017 mixtape, Sampa The Great’s "Birds And The BEE9" is a record that’s both deeply personal and outward-looking. The tape’s points of reference are poised between her closely-held roots and an internationally-minded musical outlook. An assured picture of herself, she carries her identity through the many-sided musical influences which she draws from. Working with a close circle of producers to help realise her musical vision - including Kwes Darko, Sensible J and Alejandro ‘JJ’ Abapo - spanning spiritually-minded gospel and chants to neo-soul and hip-hop, it’s intertwined with a clearly-defined, no-holds-barred political outlook, and speaks a message of healing after her own experiences of hurt and pain.


  1. Healing 
  2. Flowers (feat. REMI) 
  3. Protect Your Queen 
  4. Rhymes To The East 
  5. Can I Get a Key 
  6. Black Girl Magik (feat. Nicole Gumbe) 
  7. Casper (feat. Syreneyiscreamy) 
  8. Karma The Villain 
  9. Bye River 
  10. Inner Voice (feat. Mwanje Tembo)
  11. The Truth 
  12. I Am Me 
  13. Healer (feat. Zaachariaha)