In Theory

Vinyl LP

In Theory is the debut EP by Wellington alt-pop crew Same Name Confusion. Pressed at Holiday Records in Auckland, this limited-edition vinyl release contains the original four-track EP on Side A plus a live version of the EP on Side B. The live versions were recorded at a sold-out show at The Factory (an abandoned retail space in Wellington) on June 8, 2019.

“In a world more frequently riddled with unusual chaos and complexity, SNC offer their genuinely unique perspective, incorporating a host of insightful ideas and observations buried within intelligently thought out lyrics, and emphasized by a catchy rhythm section that solidifies each track in its own modest way.

There are obvious improvements in production values since 2016’s self-titled release represented by a more focused and coherent package, while lyrical content appears more centered around analysis of the outside world, creating further intrigue via a positively quirky vocal delivery.

Personal favourite Not Fake News portrays a vivid and hyper personal account of experiences not often captured & delivered in such a straightforward, honest, and unapologetic way. Lead single (with accompanying video) Must Be Lucky also does a great job in showcasing the group’s DIY ethos in a deliberately comical yet sophisticatedly simple and well thought out manner.

If Same Name Confusion have any blind spots at all, it’s that their pastiche approach may be somewhat lost on the uninitiated. But for those after a truly distinct experience, this will likely dissolve the more one becomes accustomed to the farcical nature the band weaves into their works deliberate or otherwise.”

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