last chance to see (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP

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Daniel Johann Lines was only 15 years old when his bedroom emo masterpiece melanchole took root in the hearts of the Tumblr generation, with current streams of the tune i was all over her hurtling close to half a billion streams. Now, over a decade later, Lines is revisiting the salvia palth project that saw his confessionals heard by millions with a brand new album last chance to see. With thirteen tracks recorded across Mohua/Golden Bay, NZ and Pōneke, this brand new 2LP collection is set to bookend the extraordinary and largely untold story of one of Aotearoa's underground musical icons. - Flying Out

In 2013, a New Zealand teenager named Daniel Johann Lines quietly uploaded his debut album, melanchole, to Bandcamp under the moniker salvia palth. The LP was a homespun collection full of vulnerable, self-recorded songs about the overwhelming messiness that comes from growing up and figuring out who you are. Despite modest intentions, the record resonated profoundly with millions on platforms like Tumblr and Youtube, maintaining momentum through the TikTok and streaming era. menchole remains a wildly influential lo-fi release, a moving portrait of youth in turmoil. Over a decade later, Lines returns to the project with a new full-length titled "last chance to see". The now 27-year-old musician offers his most fully formed and ambitious effort yet. last chance to see is not only a complete artistic reinvention but one that gracefully closes the chapter on a formative period of the songwriter's life.


1. no intro 
2. interlude 
3. i’m gonna find out 
4. something i had said 
5. last chance to see 
6. you wouldn’t ask a fire to stop 
7. always freaking out 
8. stabbed in the small of the back
9. that’s what
10. best friend on the cross
11. stay next to me tonight 
12. how many will i make
13. still i struggle 


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