Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai (OST)

Vinyl LP

The soundtrack of the 1999 Jim Jarmusch film Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai features an original score by RZA and also features hip-hop songs by such artists as Wu-Tang Clan, Killah Priest, and Public Enemy. Two soundtrack albums were released, one internationally and another in Japan, each with different song mixes, some of which do not appear in the film. There are many songs, however, that can be heard in the film that appear on neither soundtrack album.

It is the first of RZA's fully scored film works.


  1. Ghost Dog Theme (W/Dogs & EFX)
  2. Opening Theme (Raise Your Sword Instrumental)
  3. Flying Birds
  4. Samurai Theme
  5. Gangsters Theme
  6. Dead Birds
  7. Fast Shadow (Version 1) - by Wu-Tang Clan
  8. RZA #7
  9. Funky Theme
  10. RZA's Theme
  11. Samurai Showdown (Raise Your Sword) - by RZA
  12. Ghost Dog Theme
  13. Fast Shadow (Version 2) - by Wu-Tang Clan
  14. Untitled #8
  15. Untitled #12 (Free Jazz)
  16. Wu-World Order (Version 1) - by Wu-Tang Clan feat. La The Darkman