A Ton Of Colours



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A Ton Of Colours is the luminous new art rock offering from Melbourne’s Ryan Downey, an album that pulsates with love and curiosity.

At the forefront of the record is Downey’s breathtaking voice - a rich baritone with a dramatic range that can shift from a rumbling purr up to a vulnerable crescendo, recalling the all-terrain vocals of Bryan Ferry and David Bowie. It gets shaky, it gets elegant and it gets theatrical while staying unwaveringly sincere. 
A Ton Of Colours "is about a lot of things", says Downey, "but ultimately it's about humanness - its beauty, its contradictions and our desire for connection." Downey enlisted award-winning Canadian-Australian producer Burke Reid for this record after hearing the sophisticated rawness Reid brought to Julia Jacklin’s Crushing and Courtney Barnett’s Tell Me How You Really Feel albums.

There’s a joyous quality to the record as it shifts, twists and dives through its various sonic and emotional terrains. Depending where you drop the needle, the joy could lie in the chaotic or the delicate. From the full-throated march towards hope in Heart Is An Onion, the gently expanding cascade of Patterns, to the lurching rhythms and minimalist buzz of Same Dream, Every Night - performatively and emotionally, the album is an eclectic banquet. 

1. Heart Is An Onion
2. Sors De Ma Tête
3. Half Light
4. Contact
5. Patterns
6. Same Dream, Every Night
7. Edge Of U
8. The Holiday
9. Never The Same
10. Bobby