Nature Will Take Care of You

Vinyl LP


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Bristolian power-improv duo Run Logan Run continue their link-up with Worm Discs and producer Riaan Vosloo on Nature Will Take Care Of You – a monumental slab of contemporary energy music that draws on the heavy soul of David Axelrod and the fiery commitment of Archie Shepp. Working with an expanded line-up that includes singer Annie Gardiner (daughter of the late guitarist Ricky Gardiner, who played and collaborated with Iggy Pop and David Bowie) plus a string quartet and a brass section, saxophonist Andrew Neil Hayes and drummer Matt Brown have once again steered Run Logan Run in a dramatic new direction. Churning, future-forwards and emotionally tuned in, Nature Will Take Care Of You reaches out towards propulsive rock and psychedelic soul, while keeping one foot in the radical jazz-not-jazz of Bristol’s ever fertile improv scene.

The core of Run Logan Run’s sound is the dynamic conjunction of Matt Brown’s agile and powerful drums with Andrew Hayes’ looping, pedal-treated sax motifs. No matter how the duo augment and enhance their music, the kernel of their art has always been the spiralling energies generated by this essential musical relationship. Explorations of repetition, dissolution and dervish-like disorientation remain a central part of their project, with Brown weaving a tight rhythmic armature for Hayes’ unshackled journeys into sound. But though they began within Bristol’s improvised music scene, their vision has been increasingly structured and expansive, and the arrival of producer and bassist Riaan Vosloo (Nostalgia 77) for 2021’s For a Brief Moment We Could Smell The Flowers allowed to them move outwards to explore pulsing, cinematic synth-scapes. Vosloo is behind the boards again on Nature Will Take Care of You – and the duo’s vision has broadened a step further


1. Growing Pains
2. Where Do You Go?
3. Project Pigeon Missile
4. The Softest Nose In The World
5  Breaking Through
6. Great Fools
7. Searching For God In Strangers Faces
8. The Taste Of Oxygen