Rumba Argelina


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Tarifa is at the southernmost tip of Spain, close enough to North Africa for the sounds of the early morning prayers to carry across the strait. Inspired by this meeting point between Iberia and Africa, Radio Tarifa use the language of Flamenco, Arabic and medieval music to move the listener to a new third place...

Radio Tarifa's classic debut album has been remastered specially for this first time ever vinyl release, alongside new CD & digital formats.

RIYL Ojo de Bruja 


  1. Rumba Argelina
  2. Oye China 
  3. Lamma Bada 
  4. Mañana 
  5. La Canal 
  6. El Baile De La Bola
  7. Soledad 
  8. La Mosca 
  9. Tangos Del Agujero 
  10. Nu Alrest 
  11. La Pastora 
  12. Ronda De Sanabria 
  13. Bulerías Turcas 
  14. Nina

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