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The first ever compilation from the Alamo City’s scrappiest souleros. The Royal Jesters were the kings of San Antonio's cross-cultural teen scene in the 1960s, soundtracking lovelorn slow dances and sock hop twists alike. Clocking in at a whopping 28 songs, English Oldies compiles their singles for Abe Epstein’s Cobra and Jox labels, self released output on their own Jester and Clown imprints, and adds solo offerings from vocalists Joe Jama and Dimas Garza. This single CD or double LP showcases the best early doo-wop, R&B, and blazing Latin rock and soul from these Tex-Mex masterminds—a simmering melting pot of diverse regional flavors, best served hot. The group’s nearly 20-year career is captured in stunning period photos and in-depth liner notes, the perfect epitaph to the pompadoured and besuited sextet who once sang in a borrowed broken-hearted harmony.

A1 –Dimas III* I Won't Love You Again
A2 –Royal Jesters* Take Me For A Little While
A3 –Royal Jesters* I'm So Sorry
A4 –Royal Jesters* What'cha Gonna Do 'Bout It
A5 –Royal Jesters* We Go Together
A6 –Royal Jesters* I've Got Soul
A7 –Dimas III* So Funny
B1 –Royal Jesters* What Love Has Joined Together
B2 –Royal Jesters* I Want To Meet Her
B3 –Royal Jesters* Let's Kiss And Make Up
B4 –Royal Jesters* Lonely Guy
B5 –Royal Jesters* I Never Will Forget
B6 –Royal Jesters* Meet Me Down In Soulville
B7 –Royal Jesters* Afro-Lypso
C1 –Royal Jesters* Private Number
C2 –Royal Jesters* Use Your Head
C3 –Royal Jesters* My Kind Of Woman
C4 –Joe Jama My Life
C5 –Joe Jama Sleep Late My Lady Friend
C6 –Royal Jesters* Spanish Grease
C7 –Royal Jesters* Let There Be You
D1 –Royal Jesters* Manning Ave.
D2 –Royal Jesters* Lady Sunshine
D3 –Royal Jesters* Back To You
D4 –Dimas III* Just A Friend
D5 –Dimas III* Not The Right Time
D6 –Dimas III* You've Succeeded
D7 –Royal Jesters* Theme For A Lonely Girl