The Classic Roy Orbison (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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The Classic Roy Orbison is the fifth studio album released by the legendary Roy Orbison. Roy was an American singer, songwriter, and musician known for his impassioned singing style, complex song structures, and dark, emotional ballads. His music was described by critics as operatic, earning him the nicknames the Caruso of Rock and the Big O.

The Classic Roy Orbison, is debatably Roy's best album to date. With many fan favourite songs on the album such as You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again, Going Back To Gloria and Just Another Name For Rock And Roll This album offers a listening experience like no other, as Orbison expands on his classic rock/ blues feel.


Side A:

  1. You'll Never Be Sixteen Again
  2. Pantomime
  3. Twinkle Toes
  4. Losing You
  5. City Life
  6. Wait

Side B:

  1. Growing Up
  2. Where Is Tomorrow
  3. (No) I'll Never Get Over You
  4. Going Back To Gloria
  5. Just Another Name For Rock And Roll
  6. Never Love Again


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