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Roses Always Die - Flying Out


Roses Always Die

Rice Is Nice

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Kiwi-born, Melbourne-based artist Sarah Mary Chadwick has just put her third full-length solo release into the world, exhibiting some of her finest song-writing yet. ‘Roses Always Die’ sees Sarah expand on the quiet intensity of her previous work, exploring memory, grief and personal analysis in a way that few songwriters are capable of. Her unflinching approach to song-writing allows her to introduce complex, often difficult subject matter into her work in a way that is as vivid as it is understated. “Sarah Mary Chadwick’s new album, Roses Always Die, is a beautiful and insightful collection of songs. Her work achieves a poignancy which is distinct as it is rare.” - Henry Rollins

Track list:
1. Makin’ It Work
2. Yunna What
3. The Fire That Torched My Fear
4. Four Walls
5. Cool It
6. The Man And The Flags
7. Every Year’s The Same
8. Make A Boundary
9. Right Now I’m Running
10.Turn On

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