The Vivian Line


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 The Vivian Line is Ron Sexsmith’s 17th album. It features 12 new songs written and performed by Ron

The who, what, where, why and how of the record are best explained by Ron himself: “The Vivian Line is a rural route right near where we live in Stratford (Ontario). Whenever we have to get out of the city we jump on The Vivian Line and it dumps us out onto the highway. I wondered about the name when we first moved there and thought it was intriguing... it sort of represents escaping from our old life in Toronto to this new phase we're in. And it's also like a portal to my old life when I have to get back there.I recorded it with Brad Jones in Nashville. (Brad played bass on 3 of my earlier records Other Songs, Whereabouts and Blue Boy) and it's a very lush sounding almost baroque pop record. (a distant cousin of Whereabouts). The songs were mostly inspired by this stage in life that I find myself in and trying to figure it all out.”


1. Place Called Love
2. What I Had In Mind
3. Flower Boxes
4. Outdated and Antiquated
5. Diamond Wave
6. Powder Blue
7. One Bird Calling
8. Country Mile
9. This, That and the Other Thing 
10. A Barn Conversion 
11. When Our Love Was New
12. Ever Wonder

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