Róisín Machine

Skint Records


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Róisín Murphy's highly anticipated new album, the fabulously titled Róisín Machine is her first full length project since 2015's Mercury Nominated Hairless Toys and 2016's equally revered Take Her Up To Monto. Róisín Machine is the culmination of a rich, decades long partnership between Murphy and one of her most trusted collaborators Crooked Man aka DJ Parrot. Although packed to the rafters with masterclass singles, including Simulation, Jealousy, Incapable, Narcissus and Murphy's Law, it's also an ingeniously and seamlessly edited listening experience, designed to be listened to in one uninterrupted sitting, from start to dazzling finish.


1. Simulation
2. Kingdom Of Ends 
3. Something More 
4. Shellfish Mademoiselle
5. Incapable 
6. We Got Together 
7. Murphy’s Law 
8. Game Changer 
9. Narcissus 
10. Jealousy