Art School Dropout

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While Goodshirt frontman Rodney Fisher may have previously been best known for gigantic tunes likes Fiji Baby and Sophie, fans will know he has also been cultivating a solo career that has seen him reinvent as a folkier kind of indie songwriter. Now, in collaboration with Ōtautahi producers The Response, Rodney returns with Art School Dropout; a lovingly crafted set of songs that see his pensive solo sound augmented with lush electronic elements. - Flying Out

Rodney Fisher is best known in New Zealand as the singer of Alt-Pop Rock band Goodshirt, who had a string of hit songs in the early 2000s, such as; ‘Sophie,’ and ‘Fiji Baby.’

Rodney’s solo career began in 2005, when he recorded the ‘Songs From The Backyard’ album in New Zealand, before touring with Zane Lowe’s band Breaks Co-Op in NZ and the UK.

Returning to NZ in 2012, songwriting remained his closest companion and produced two side projects, Mixed Vege and Beach Blue.

Fisher says the current collection of songs he has been working on with Christchurch music producers The Response, is a return to the folk / country influences but coming at it with a new sonic palette and an honesty to the songs themselves. Time has been taken to  meticulously perfect the craft of this album, which he is now ready to release.


  1. I.C.U
  2. Something Nothing
  3. Getting Back To This
  4. Keeping Up Appearances
  5. Locked Up
  6. By The Sea
  7. Fate
  8. Take It Slow