From the Archives (1981 - 2017) (Vinyl 2LP)

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A giant star in his homeland of Romania in his time, but virtually unknown everywhere else, Rodion-Ladislau Rosca and his group Rodion G.A. created music that was truly unique, ranging from prog to pop, experimental electronica to psychedelic explorations. Now, with other collections having showcased other works, From The Archives (1981 - 2017) is set to unearth some of the hidden gems from Rodion's considerable personal archive of home recordings. All hail the Godfather of Romanian electronic music! - Flying Out

Rodion-Ladislau Rosca spent his lifetime creating music that was ambitious, groundbreaking and innovative. He was a pioneering composer, a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer. He pushed musical boundaries to their limits. This he did as a solo artist and with his group Rodion G.A.

Despite being popular in their native Romania, Rodion G.A. had to work under an oppressive Communist regime only releasing two tracks that appeared on a compilation album in 1981. Rodion, however, made extensive recordings in his home studio. This new collection of material recorded between 1981 and 2017 is taken from that archive. Rodion died in 2021 aged 67. He has also been described as “the Godfather of Romanian electronic music.”

Rodion G.A.’s music has been curated on a number of releases The Lost Tapes (2013), Behind The Curtain (The Lost Album) (2014) Delta Space Mission (2014) and Rozalia (2018).

This new collection – compiled by Derek Anderson – draws on unreleased material from his personal archive. Some tracks sound like a metallic Foxx-era Ultravox! Others showcase electronic melodic pulsebeats and psychedelic workouts. We also see the first release of Acolo Unde E Mister and Aminitiri originally released in 1981 on the Formatii Rock 5 LP compilation and Stele Si Lumini best-known for being performed on Romanian TV on New Years’ Eve in 1981.

Rodion G.A.’s music has been critically acclaimed in the music press and this new collection will be welcome amongst his international legion of fans.


1. Acolo Unde Mister
2. Lupta Lui Thibald
3. Ciuperci Otravitoare
4. Un Pahar Cu Apa
5. Intervale
6. Punct
7. Balkan
8. Joc
9. Stele Si Lumini
10. Poftiti La Control
11. Halou Cosmic
12. Tu Rea Ce Esti
13. CZ 5000 Tragedy
14. Vine Iarna
15. Talk to Me
16. The Journey (Del's Edit)
17. The Final Farewell (Del's Edit)
18. Catacombe
19. Final Journey (Del's Edit)
20. Amintiri
21. Goodbye (Fade Away) [Del's Edit]

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