Shleep (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP + CD
Featuring long term collaborators and friends like Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker and newer accomplices such as Paul Weller, Shleep is as exuberant and immediate a record as Wyatt has ever recorded. Clearly delighting in the process of collaborating in the studio again, it's a remarkable testament to Wyatt's muse that a record inspired by insomnia should produce such welcoming and restful lullabies.


  1. Heaps of Sheeps
  2.  The Duchess
  3.  Maryan
  4.  Was a Friend
  5.  Free Will and Testament
  6.  September the Ninth
  7.  Alien
  8.  Out of Season
  9.  A Sunday in Madrid
  10.  Blues in Bob Minor
  11.  The Whole Point of No Return
  12.  Te Recuerdo Amanda
  13.  Yolanda
  14.  When Access Was a Noun
  15.  Fridge
  16.  Salt/Ivy
  17.  Signed Curtain (Plus Cornet)
  18.  September in the Rain
  19.  I Wonder How Your Breath Can Last
  20.  Heaps of Sheeps
  21.  The Duchess
  22.  Maryan
  23.  Was a Friend
  24.  Free Will and Testament
  25.  September the Ninth
  26.  Alien
  27.  Out of Season
  28.  A Sunday in Madrid
  29.  Blues in Bob Minor
  30.  The Whole Point of No Return
  31.  Te Recuerdo Amanda
  32.  Yolanda
  33.  When Access Was a Noun
  34.  Fridge
  35.  Salt/Ivy
  36.  Signed Curtain (Plus Cornet)
  37.  September in the Rain
  38.  I Wonder How Your Breath Can Last