Waved Out (2018 Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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Waved Out is Robert Pollard's second solo album, released in 1998 on Matador Records. Robert Pollard is a musician and singer-songwriter who is the leader and creative force behind indie rock group Guided by Voices. In addition to his work with Guided by Voices, he continues to have a prolific solo career with 22 solo albums released so far. Other projects he has been involved with include Boston Spaceships, Circus Devils, Keene Brothers, Phantom Tollboth, The Moping Swans and many others.


Side A
1. Make Use
2. Vibrations In The Woods
3. Just Say The Word
4. Subspace Biographies
5. Caught Waves Again
6. Waved Out
7. Whiskey Ships
8. Wrinkled Ghost
9. Artificial Light

Side B
1. People Are Leaving
2. Steeple Of Knives
3. Rumbling Joker
4. Showbiz Opera Walrus
5. Pick Seeds From My Skull
6. Second Step Next Language

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