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Mr Babylon - Flying Out


Mr Babylon

Black Solidarity

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Robert Ffrench may not be the biggest name in Jamaican music, but he really stands out here on a host of rare cuts for the Black Solidarity label all done in a mix of late roots and early dancehall styles! Ffrench has this very laidback, soulful sound that's really wonderful a voice that glides down, and gets mellow in just the right way working with backings from the Soul Syndicate and Roots Radics, all produced in this simple, unassuming style that's a great change from more mainstream reggae modes of the time. Titles include "Cut Eye Cut Eye", "Rebel Girl", "Radication", "Joker Family", "Single Life", "Mr Babylon", "Me Raggamuffin", and "A Dance Without A Deejay". CD features bonus tracks "True True Loving", "No

1. Joker Family
2. Radication
3. Mr Babylon
4. Single Life
5. Problem Is a Cry
6. Bad Boy Posse
7. Rebel Girl
8. The Favourite
9. Cut Eye, Cut Eye
10. Me Raggamuffin
11. A Dance Without a Deejay
12. Mother in Law



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