Preservation Of Scenery

Vinyl LP

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A musical ombre of RnB and Soul Preservation of Scenery sits in the current pocket of popular music, with something to say. Contagious ideas, as catchy as the melodies and hooks, this album aims to inspire and uplift Indigenous truth. Infused with throwback undertones, sing-along tunes teeming with harmony, Rob Ruha’s Māori music signature is present in every corner of this record.


  1. Taera
  2. U Do U
  3. As I Walk
  4. Alamein
  5. Holiday
  6. Lost In The Q (The Weekend)
  7. All My Days
  8. Tree
  9. Taka Rawa
  10. Te Kotinga Witi
  11. One in a Million
  12. Running Away
  13. That's Where I'll Be

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