Erased Tapes


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Double vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. Rival Consoles returns with a resonant and explorative soundscape of original music, composed for renowned choreographer Alexander Whitley's contemporary dance production Overflow. Exploring themes of the human and emotional consequences of life surrounded by data, the piece echoes the concept of social media, advertising, marketing companies and political factions exploiting our data to gain wealth, political advantage and sow division. Key reading for the project was based around the contemporary philosophical work Psychopolitics: Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power by Byung-Chul Han.


  1. Monster
  2. I Like 
  3. Hands 
  4. Pulses of Information 
  5. Noise Call and Response I 
  6. Overflow 
  7. The Cloud Oracle 
  8. Tension in the Cloud 
  9. Noise Call and Response II 
  10. Scanning 
  11. Flow State 
  12. Touches Everything 
  13. Making Sense of It All