1981! (Vinyl LP, Black)

Vinyl LP (Black)



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Formed as a response to the violence inflicted by police on protestors during the Springbok nightmare of 1981, Pōneke punk RIOT 111 may have only existed for a few short years, but their legacy in Aotearoa's alternative music history lives on. Four and a bit decades since the band unleashed their only two 7" singles, founding member Roger Riot discovered a master tape in his attic, and now Leather Jacket Records has remastered and compiled the band's entire recorded output on one blistering LP. Go riot! - Flying Out

RIOT 111 was born from the 1981 anti-apartheid springbok tour protest on Molesworth St, Wellington when police broke up a peaceful protest by savagely beating protestors with batons. Shocked by the violence they had witnessed, protest organisers VOID and ROGER RIOT formed RIOT 111. “We’re gonna record a protest song, we’ll be New Zealand’s Sex Pistols!” said Void, “Roger, play a tribal drum beat that sounds like a haka!”RIOT 111 self-released two seminal 45s, staged their own anarchist punk festival called Golden Showers, and played with The Fall on their New Zealand tour. Banned by TVNZ for their depictions of police violence, RIOT 111 found a home on underground punk compilations and zines, and were championed in the USA by Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys.  
40 years later, Roger Riot found the master tape in his attic and instigated this remastered LP on Leather Jacket Records, bringing all RIOT 111 tracks together for the very first time.

  1. 1981
  2. Ake Ake Ake
  3. Escape of Prison
  4. Writing On The Wall
  5. Move To Riot
  6. Subversive Element
  7. Riot Fever
  8. Go Riot