Take Offs And Landings (20th Anniversary Edition)

Vinyl 2LP (White)

"Take Offs and Landings is ... a definite keeper. Simultaneously thought provoking and relaxing, this band does some AMAZING stuff..." (LMNOP)


  1. Go Ahead
  2. Science Vs. Romance 
  3. Wires And Waves 
  4. Pictures Of Success 
  5. August 
  6. Bulletproof
  7. Plane Crash In CVariations On A Theme (Science Vs. Romance) 
  8. Small Figures In A Vast Expanse 
  9. Don't Deconstruct 
  10. Always 
  11. We'll Never Sleep (God Knows We'll Try) 
  12. Rest Of My Life 
  13. Variations On A Theme (Plane Crash In C)