Dents and Shells (Reissue)

LP (White Vinyl)

Lauded by critics and adored by fans, Richard Buckner is one of the most heartfelt and honest songwriters you will ever hear, and his first release on Merge Records (7th full-length overall) is a departure of sorts for this modern troubadour. Still full of all the heartbreak of his previous work, Dents and Shells adds some powerful elements with a few full band tracks framing Buckner's muscular lyrics and powerful voice.

"Singer/songwriter Richard Buckner's latest excursion into impressionistic gradations of tone and mood gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "math-rock." Pitchfork 8/10


1. A Chance Counsel 
2. Firsts 
3. Invitation
4. Straight 
5. Her 
6. Charmers 
7. Fuse 
8. Rafters 
9. Picture Day 
10. As The Waves Will Always Roll