Teen Babes from Monsanto (Reissue)


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A little drums… a little atmosphere… and it wails like this! Hotter than anything printed by a Hearst daily, the 12-song Versión Especial of Redd Kross’ Teen Babes from Monsanto—all art, no filler, direct from the source, pure from the tap—will be reissued by Merge Records on 7 December. Available on CD or engraved on your choice of virgin black vinyl or limited edition translucent pink Peak Vinyl, the album features specially designed packaging that allows you to choose between two different front covers with just a flip of the wrist! Experience vintage teenaged Redd Kross as presented by Monsanto: 100% genuine, chemically inspired brilliance fuelled by processed junk food.


1. Deuce 
2. Citadel 
3. Heaven Only Knows 
4. Ann 
5. Saviour Machine 
6. Blow You a Kiss in the Wind 
7. Linda Blair ’84 
8. It Won’t Be Long 
9. Don’t Turn Your Back on Me 
10. Fancy 
11. I’ll Meet You Halfway
12. Dancing Queen 

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