Hot Issue

On 7 December, Merge Records will reissue Hot Issue, a dozen turn-of-the-century new digs and old finds recorded by Redd Kross in Hollywood between 1980 and 2007.

Available on limited-edition translucent fluorescent green Peak Vinyl, liquorice black vinyl, and CD, this collection of top quality recordings features Redd Kross rarities and focuses on the band’s most explosively creative period from the early ’90s straight through to Researching the Blues, all mastered from the original source tapes for optimal audio fidelity by Bill Inglot and Dave Schultz at d2.

An energetic compilation created to be a complete play experience with unreleased and rare tracks unearthed from the Jeff McDonald archives, Hot Issue is a total must for all Redd Kross fans around the world!


  1. Insatiable Kind 
  2. Motorboat 
  3. Pop Show 
  4. Take It Home 
  5. That Girl
  6. It’s a Scream 
  7. Switchblade Sister 
  8. Puss ’n’ Boots
  9. Don’t Take Your Baby Downtown 
  10. Moon Sun (No Limit)
  11. Starlust
  12. Born to Love You