Record Cleaner 200ml (AM Denmark)

Record Cleaner (200ml)
The Record Cleaner contains 200ml of cleaning fluid and a lint free cleaning cloth.
  • gently removes dirt + grime from vinyl grooves
  • great for everyday vinyl cleaning
  • 200ml non-abrasive + residue-free vinyl cleaning solution
  • includes lint-free cotton cloth

AM Clean Sound's Record Cleaner gently removes dirt and grime from record grooves. The custom solution was formulated in 1971 and is non-abrasive and residue-free making it perfect for everyday vinyl cleaning.

AM Clean Sound has been committed to quality audiophile accessories since the beginning. The Danish company was founded in 1971 by Anders Moesgaard and has continued to innovate and adapt to new technologies, while remaining true to their original purpose - products that help deliver clean sound.